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Hywel's monthly column from the Neath Port Talbot Guardian.

Please note that the Neath Port Talbot Guardian is no longer in publication.


May 2009
The biggest issue facing us locally and throughout the country remains the economy and the most important event relating to this in the last month has been Chancellor Alistair Darling’s Budget.

April 2009
I believe one of the important duties of a Member of Parliament is to speak up for and pay tribute to all of my constituents who give their lives to ensure our safety, at home and abroad. Recently, one such constituent, literally, gave his life: Corporal Dean John of Port Talbot was killed serving in Afghanistan.

March 2009
The recent St David’s Day Debate in Parliament was dominated by the economy, and quite rightly so, as there is nothing more important for the people of Wales today.

February 2009
Twenty-five years ago next month we will be commemorating the anniversary of the beginning of the year - long miners' strike.

January 2009
We begin every New Year with hopes of peace, health and prosperity and this is especially so in 2009.


December 2008
The big news in Parliament and throughout the country has been the Labour Government’s decisive response to the global banking crisis.

November 2008
Barack Obama, the newly elected first black President of the United States was never, given his colour and his humble beginnings, going to be 'the likeliest candidate for this office'.

October 2008
Many constituents have spoken to me about their deep concerns about the world financial crisis and how this affects their jobs, pensions and mortgages.

September 2008
Much has been written in the press recently about the possibility of a recession in this country.

August 2008
I am not a Member of Parliament who normally seeks controversy.

July 2008
I was very pleased to speak at an event in Port Talbot last week which is close to my heart.

June 2008
Denise Williams from Port Talbot is one of the unsung heroes of the National Health Service.

May 2008
In my last Guardian article I urged readers to use their vote on May 1.

April 2008
Welsh Questions in Parliament is a unique opportunity for Welsh MPs to highlight developments in their constituencies.

March 2008
I always try to be present for the Budget and this year Labour MPs made a special effort to attend to support the new Chancellor Alistair Darling.

February 2008
One of the most important aspects of being a Member of Parliament is to scrutinise Government Ministers and to hold them to account.

January 2008
One of the reasons why politics turns people off is the way in which politicians attack each other – often on a personal basis.


September 2007
I overheard a conversation on a Cwmafan bus-stop recently.

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