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Extra Cash for Workers in Aberavon this Autumn

2nd October 2008

The National Minimum Wage is going up again. The rate is rising to £5.73 per hour for workers aged 22 and over, £4.77 for 18-21 year olds and £3.53 for those aged 16-17.

Welcoming the news Dr Hywel Francis MP said,

"I became an MP to fight for the rights of working people in Aberavon and throughout the country. The minimum wage is one Labour's proudest achievements in Government."

"When families are struggling with rising fuel, energy and food prices it is more important than ever to have a rising National Minimum Wage. To me it's pretty simple, if you believe in fairness, you should support the National Minimum Wage. When it came in ten years ago people like David Cameron strongly opposed it."

Dr Hywel Francis MP also sent out a warning to rogue employers that they will be punished for not paying the National Minimum Wage.

"With the National Minimum Wage there is no excuse not to pay up. If you think a rogue employer is not paying up then get in touch with me on 01639 897660 or call the national minimum wage helpline on 0845 6000 678."

"I will also vote for Labour's Employment Bill which will be going through Parliament. It will mean we can take even tougher action on rogue employers with serious cases going on to a Crown Court."

"So the message is simple: Con workers in Aberavon and you will face tough action. There are no excuses not to pay the National Minimum Wage."

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